1.  How do I create a gift list?
    ​On the homepage, click on the button 'start here'. Enter the details requested and select gifts from the gift suggestions.Add your  other gifts in the blank suggestion spaces. Complete your personalised gift list by uploading photographs and adding a welcome message. Click here for an example of a gift list. 
  2. How do we know who gave us the gift?
    All the details are stored on your personal page. After logging in, simply click on the 'Received gifts' button for an overview of the presents given, by whom, the amount donated and the email address of the giver. This option makes it very easy to thank guests for their gifts.
  3. When will we receive the money the donated for the gifts?
    The total amount (minus the administration fee of € 39,95 excluding 21% VAT) will be transferred to you on the first working day following the wedding date. It is possible to receive payment at another time. 
  4. How much will it cost to use the pluQ gift list?
    Putting together the gift list and making your personal page is free. When you activate and share the gift list with guests €39,95 (ex 21% VAT) will be charged. This amount will be withdrawn at the moment the gift money is transferred to your account. It doesn't matter how many gifts you have received, we only charge you a once-off fee of € 39,95 for maintenance of the personal page and handling. You can buy off the transaction cost the guests are paying when donating a gift (they pay €0,95 per payment with iDeal or Bancomat and € 7,25 for using the creditcard) for €74,95 ex VAT. This amount will be withdrawn ( together with the mainenance fee) at the moment the gift money is transferred to your account
  5. Is it possible to make just a part payment rather than the entire gift amount?
    Yes! The total amount for a gift can be divided into smaller amounts. Guests can donate part of a gift, a whole gift and it is even possible to pay for part of several different presents. For example: part of a course of diving lessons and a cocktail on the beach. 
  6. Will we actually receive the selected gifts?
    You will receive the money donated by your wedding guests. It is up to you to spend the money on the selected activities, during your honeymoon. One really nice way of thanking the guests for their gift(s) is to send them a selfie from your honeymoon location, enjoying the donated activity.
  7. Who are the people behind pluQ?
    pluQ was founded by two travel enthusiasts with an entrepreneurial spirit, Marion Dieleman and Evelien Dieleman. pluQ works alongside several partners. Our partners are travel experts who offer exclusively high-quality, tailor-made travel experiences. All our partners speak Dutch and English.
  8. Is it possible to book a honeymoon at pluQ?
    Open the worldmap to discover the countries where we offer tailor-made honeymoons. We work alongside travel agents specialising in tailor-made honeymoon travel and who are experts in their selected countries. Our agents will help you make your dream come true! Take a look at the website and request further information at welkom@pluq.nl