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Bored with asking your wedding guests for a gift envelope? Try pluQ: the most original gift list for your honeymoon. Quickly and easily create your personal gift list page and share it with your wedding guests. They can then 'pluQ' a share in the most unforgettable honeymoon gift experience and you receive the funds that help cover the costs of your honeymoon.




pluQ is a lovely site for your gift list. The site has a modern layout and you can choose an image per gift, very handy. - Read more

- Marchien & Sophie 13 September 2019

Nice, good looking website, correct communication, easy to use, clear, simple overviews - Read more

- Lotte and Glenn 31 August 2019

In 4 easy steps your dream trip

Create your own gift list


In just a few minutes, create a personalised gift list for your honeymoon activities

Create your gift list. Start your own gift list here. Enter your names, email address and the wedding date to create a profile on the pluQ website.

Add your own gifts. Add your own gifts, Enter the total amount and the instalments in which you would like to receive the gift amount (€10, €25 of €50). Simply add an attractive photograph and the gift is ready. You always have the option to change the gift (photo, amount) at any time.

Add gifts from the gift suggestions. Select additional gifts from the gift suggestions. Why not choose a travel guide, suitcases etc.? The gift amount can be changed at any time.

Add personal photographs and text. Now add the personal photographs and a text and your gift list is ready.

Share your gift list


Place your gift list online. Inform your wedding guests about your personalised gift list. Include the link on the wedding invitation card, your own website or email the link to your guests.

The newly weds pay an administration fee of € 39,95 (excluding 21% vat). This fee will be settled when the gift payment is transferred.

Find your personalised gift list.  Visit the pluQ homepage and search by your name/names and/or wedding date to find your personalised gift list.  

Crowdfund your honeymoon


Save up for your honeymoon.

Wedding guests contribute towards your honeymoon. Wedding guests can  'pluQ' a share towards your honeymoon expenses. The easy payment options available are iDeal, Bancomat or creditcard. One pay the selected present plus € 0,95 transaction cost when paying by iDeal/Bancomat and € 7,25 when using a creditcard.There is also space for a personal message. Brides and grooms can buy off the transaction cost of the wedding guests for € 74,95 ex VAT

Transfer of the gift payment. Your personal page, includes an overview of the gifts donated.This makes it easy for you to thank your contributors!  The gift payments are deposited on a separate pluQ bank account and will be transferred to you on the first working day after your wedding. Any gifts received after the wedding date will be transferred to you at the end of that week. Your personal page is closed for donations one week after the wedding day and will stay online till 6 weeks afterwards. It is possible to keep the gift list online for half a year. One pay € 19,95 ex VAT for this service.

A gift is sold out. Once the full amount for a gift has been donated, the gift in question is sold out. You can of course increase the gift amount and/or add new gifts at any time.

Head off on your honeymoon


Enjoy the gift experience on your honeymoon.

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