Why pluQ?

For couples

  • Your personal welcome note for guests
  • Create your personal profile by uploading a personal picture and background picture on the gift page
  • Add unlimited gifts
  • Overview of the given gifts (only visible for the couple)
  • Add personal gifts
  • Add gifts from suggested gifts
  • Ability to book your tailor made honeymoon with our travel agents
  • Free trial online gift list


  • Push messages when gifts are sold-out
  • Personal url of the gift page
  • Entirely free of advertising
  • Personal service of our pluQ team
  • Fully independent
  • Safe : guests pay with iDeal, credit card or Mister Cash
  • Payout guaranteed because gift money is deposited in separate account
  • Payments are approved by the Dutch Central Bank

For guests

  • Your personal message on the gift page
  • Gift vouchers with your personal message
  • Pay with with iDeal, Mister Cash or credit card
  • You can contribute to part of a gift and/or multiple (parts of) gifts
  • You do give presents that the bride and groom really want to have!